Video: BillNass Ft TID – Ligi Ndogo

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Third video released by one of the best Hip Hop artist from East Africa,based in Tanzania,known as Billnass. Billnass was known for his first hit called “demu gani” featuring Banaba,which identified his unique style of Swahili Hip Hop and dedication towards the booming East African music industry
“Ligi ndogo”,which means “small league”,identifies him as a Young artist, who is trying to make it in the striving hip hop industry of tanzania,expressing his struggle through his music.As his famous line states,”wakati uko home unafanya homework,mie niko mtani nasafa,napiga road work”,expressing his sttrugle in life as a striving and hard working artist

Billnass was also Nominated in Killimanjaro Music Awards 2014/2015,for his Second and famous song Raha ft Nazizi



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